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School of Dental Medicine

Department of Comprehensive Care

Students entering the Simulation Learning Center
Students head to the Simulation Learning Center

The Department of Comprehensive Care’s mission is to train dental students by increasing their diagnostic skills through mentored learning in small group practices, while closely supervised by caring and dedicated faculty.

To achieve this goal the department has been organized into divisions each providing the building blocks required to transform the student into a true dental professional capable of the delivery of high-quality, ethical and caring dentistry. In addition, we try to foster the civic engagement and leadership skills, that will be the foundation of our students’ careers.


Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Lead Practice Coordinators: David Leader; Edward Fidrocki; Alan Epstein

The Division of Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning is based on the Group Practice model. The Comprehensive Care Clinic is divided into six group practices, each shared by three Practice Coordinators, who are responsible for approximately 40 third year and 40 fourth year students. The Practice Coordinators are responsible for developing the overall treatment plan for the patient, monitoring the student’s progress toward graduation, and providing direct patient care as needed. The Practice Coordinator instructs, evaluates and advises predoctoral students regarding comprehensive patient care and is responsible for chairside instruction in diagnosis and treatment planning. The Practice Coordinator leads the practice in achieving optimal efficiency and productivity.


Division Head: Patrick McGarry

Third and Fourth year students are assigned to the emergency clinic rotation where they treat patients who have acute pain, swelling, and urgent dental needs.  Tufts University School of Dental Medicine has a walk-in Emergency Dental Clinic that sees patients on a first-come, first-served basis. The Emergency Clinic reserves the right to prioritize the order in which patients are admitted to the clinic in certain situations.

Interprofessional Education

Division Head: Ellen Patterson


Division Head: Kanchan Ganda

Operative Dentistry

Division Head: Peter Arsenault

Operative Dentistry is one of the branches of dentistry that deals with the art and science of the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and prognosis of diseases or trauma to teeth. Operative Dentistry is indicated primarily for dental caries, malformed, discolored or fractured teeth and replacement or repair of existing restorations. Treatment should restore proper tooth morphology, function, esthetics and harmonious relationship with the surrounding tissues.

The mission of the Division of Operative Dentistry is to support the academic goals of the institution through teaching, patient care and research. Our primary goal is to complement the preclinical operative experience of our students and provide high quality didactic and clinical instruction to undergraduate students in the discipline of contemporary Operative Dentistry.

Oral Health Promotion and Nutrition

Division Head: Carole Palmer