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Patient Care

Students, staff and faculty

Personal Protective Equipment at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Safety is our primary concern. Please take a moment to watch the following video on how we enhanced our safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (click on the image to watch the video in Google Drive).

We’ve earned our reputation as one of the elite dental schools in the world and best dental clinics in New England. Our patients have access to a full range of dental services and providers, all under one roof.

General Dentistry 

  • Reduced prices compared to area private practices
  • Care provided by dentists-in-training under faculty supervision

Specialty Dentistry 

  • Reduced prices compared to area specialists
  • Care provided by residents pursuing advanced degrees under faculty supervision

Faculty Practice

  • Standard Prices that are comparable to area private practices
  • Not a teaching clinic - care provided by experienced Tufts faculty only

Emergency Clinic

  • Call in advance to speak to our Emergency Triage Team
  • For patients with swelling, acute pain or urgent dental needs

Tufts Dental Facilities

  • Dental care for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Provided at 7 locations throughout Massachusetts