A student presents at Bates-Andrews Research Day

The mission of Dental Research Administration is to promote the research enterprise at TUSDM, reduce administrative burden, and support research productivity and compliance.

Current Clinical Trials & Studies

TUSDM runs numerous studies throughout the year to study various dental conditions and test new materials and techniques. Studies are open to qualifying participants.

Participate in a Research Study

Student Research

We offer a multitude of opportunities for students and residents to push the boundaries of dental innovation. 

Student Opportunities

Faculty Research

Our faculty are pioneering dental research, using new technology, inventing innovate approaches, and finding new ways to improve dental procedures and education.

Areas of Research

Corporate Research

We recognize the valuable contributions corporations make to innovative research and provide unique partnership opportunities.

Partner with TUSDM

Research Community Focus

Research at TUSDM focuses on the community and we focus on the following goals.

  • Apply basic and clinical science research to the development of new methodologies and treatment technologies

  • Publish in peer-reviewed journals

  • Communicate through oral scientific presentations

  • Create research opportunities and encourage participation for faculty and students

  • Develop innovative hypotheses

  • Collaborate with other scientists within Tufts and other institutions

  • Share research ideas among faculty and students

  • Nurture future scientists and leaders

  • Educate and promote the oral health and well-being of our study volunteers

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