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  • Instructions for submitting rotation swap

    A student can swap rotations for any reason they find necessary six times during an academic year. If a student exceeds their amount of swaps or would like additional opportunities to swap, they must meet with the Dean of Student Affairs for approval. The rotation swap submittal e-mail must include the form indicating the: 

    • Rotation being swapped
    • Exact date and time of the rotation
    • Name of the student who agreed to trade rotations
    • Both students’ axiUm provider numbers

    The e-mail must be sent to Allyson Dacey, copying the rotation director, administrator, and student agreeing to the swap. The student agreeing to the swap must send a confirmation e-mail to the Academic Affairs Program and Schedule Administrator, who will record and track all swaps. Please reference the Swap/Absences Protocols document.

    Download the Rotation Swap Form.

  • Policy:

    DMD students should consult the attendance policy in the pre-doctoral handbook and residents must speak to their program directors.


  • Before going on parental leave:

    1. Submit the request form, linked below, to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs three months before your anticipated leave (to schedule an appointment email Student Affairs Coordinator).
    2. Meet with the Office of Academic Affairs Program Coordinator, Helen Edgar.
    3. Meet with Sandra Pearson, Director of Enrollment Services, to determine how your leave of absence will affect your enrollment status at TUSDM during your leave of absence and, if applicable, your financial aid, including student loans.
    4. Inform all relevant Course/preclinical Directors.
    5. If you are providing patient care, notify your Practice Coordinators and DPA.
    6. Inform your patients. Ensure continuity of patient care by making sure they can be treated while you are absent.

    While on leave:

    1. Focus on your wellbeing and take care of yourself, in addition to your newborn and family.
    2. Submit a written statement of intent to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at least one month before your planned return to the program.

    Returning from leave:

    1. Provide the Associate Dean of Student Affairs with a doctor’s note that you can return to your studies and perform patient care.
    2. Meet with the Director of Educational Assessment (yrs 1/2) or the Director of Clinical Integration (yrs 3/4) in the Office of Academic Affairs to discuss re-entry into the curriculum.
    3. Contact Sandra Pearson to confirm your date of return so that your education and, if applicable, financial aid records can be updated accordingly.


  • TUSDM respects the right of all students to observe their religious holidays and upon notification will make reasonable accommodation for such observances unless such an accommodation would create an undue hardship.

    Students who are unable to attend a class or participate in any examination, study, or course requirement on a particular day because of their religious beliefs will be given the opportunity to make up the work that was missed or to do alternative work that is intrinsically no more difficult than the original assignment or examination.

    Students on clinical assignments involving patient care must arrange in advance to have their assignments covered by a classmate while they observe the holiday.

    To request a religious accommodation:

    1. Students must complete, well in advance, the absence form through the office of Student Affairs.

    2. Notify well in advance Academic Affairs Programs/Schedule Administrator and instructors of known conflicts to arrange accommodations.

    Last minute requests may not be accommodated. While TUSDM policy requires instructors to make reasonable accommodations for missed assignments or examinations because of religious beliefs, it is not TUSDM policy for faculty to make accommodations for travel time when students wish to share a holiday with family or friends. Please see the following link for the Office of Equal Opportunity’s Religious Accommodation Policy.

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