DMD Lunch and Learn Request to Present at TUSDM

Thank you for your interest in presenting to the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Community. TUSDM does not endorse or promote any specific outside organizations, and therefore your presentation must be educational. To ensure this, we require that anyone who is interested in presenting to the TUSDM community provide the following information.  This information will be shared with relevant departments to ensure that it is in alignment with the TUSDM curriculum and philosophy. Requestors will be notified if/when approved.

DMD Lunch and Learn Submission Process:

1) Complete the initial Request to Present Lunch & Learn form on Qualtrics at least 4 weeks in advance of desired presentation date.

  • If this is a career-related Lunch and Learn, please also read the Career Services Policy (below).

2) Once your request has been approved, review the Conflict of Interest Policy (below). Complete and sign the fillable DMD Program Lunch and Learn Presenter Agreement and the Disclosure of Conflict of Interest Form and email both completed forms to Your presentation will not be confirmed until both forms are received.

3) Submit all presentation materials (PowerPoint slides, handouts, etc.) to

  • The first slide of your presentation must include a disclosure statement (see an example below). If you are not using slides or media you must verbally state the disclosure at the beginning of your session.

Once all materials and paperwork are completed, please allow one week to receive final approval. Your Lunch and Learn is not confirmed until you receive a final confirmation email.

Questions regarding Lunch and Learns should be directed to Dainya Hannan at

  • As noted above, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine does not endorse or promote any outside organizations. To ensure this, presenters must comply with the following conflict of interest policy:

    You must fully disclose in the presentation/lecture the source of all financial and material support that you may have received in relation to the educational content in addition to any present or potential financial interest you may have in respect to the subject matter (including any research done on such subject matter by you) and the opinions expressed in your presentation. You must display in a slide format and verbally announce any conflicts of interest that you may have at the beginning of your presentation. TUSDM faculty and staff will be present at these events to make sure this occurs.

    A conflict of interest may be considered to exist if a presenter is affiliated with, or has financial interest in, any organization(s) that may be sponsoring or co-sponsoring the presentation or may have a direct interest in the subject matter of presentations.  Situations involving a potential conflict of interest are not inherently bad or wrong, but the prospective audience must be made aware of the affiliation/financial interest via an acknowledgment in the presentation and in all promotional materials.

    The intent of this policy is not to prevent a speaker/lecturer with an affiliation or financial interest from making a presentation.  It is intended that any potential conflict be identified openly so that the students have the full disclosure of the facts and may form their own judgments about the presentation.  A reasonable test to guide decisions about what to disclose is whether any particular affiliation could cause embarrassment to the individual or institution involved, or lead to questions about the speaker’s motives if such affiliation(s) were made known to the general public.

    Past or completed relationships do not have to be disclosed if they do not have any impact on the material being presented.

    Revised and Approved November 21, 2014 Curriculum Committee, TUSDM

    Approved by the Executive Faculty April 2015

  • The purpose of career-related Lunch & Learn presentations is to present a topic with an educational focus to assist students to better understand possible career paths after graduation. Exposure to a variety of career possibilities will help students broaden their understanding of dentistry and help them determine which path is the best fit for them.

    The aim of all presentations must be educational in nature and may not serve as a recruitment function. Please note that in an effort to present a variety of topics and hear a variety of perspectives, and with an understanding of time and space restraints, topics that are repetitive in nature will not be approved and requestors with repeating topics will need to wait until a subsequent semester in order to request their presentation. Failure to abide by stated policies will lead to Lunch & Learn privileges being rescinded in the future. Employers who choose to provide lunch for their session will be responsible for all costs as well as making arrangements. Staff can help provide food recommendations.

    For employers interested in recruitment opportunities, TUSDM offers multiple avenues to help companies meet their recruitment needs. Employers may post open positions on Handshake, the online career management system available exclusively to Tufts Dental students and alumni. Additionally, employers may attend TUSDM’s Career Fair, hosted annually during the Fall semester. Please visit the Career Services page for additional information or contact Maggie McMorrow at with any questions.

  • In addition to including a slide in an outside speaker’s presentation, the speaker must verbally disclose the source of all financial and material support that they have received in relation to the educational content in addition to any present or potential financial interest that they may have in respect to the subject manner. A sample disclosure statement is included below:

    My name is [enter name here] and I am the [enter job title here] at/of [enter company information here].  Due to my affiliation with [enter company name here] the content of this presentation may represent the views of [enter company name here] and are not necessarily representative of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.