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Student Loan Application Process

Students who are US Citizens or Permanent Residents who have completed the financial aid application process will receive an award packet containing the Award Notification Letter and Student Loan Handbook which provides detailed instructions for completing actual loan application requirements. Completion of the Award Notification Letter and returning it to the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner is very important.

The Award Notification Letter is the tool the student will use to communicate which types of financial aid awards/loans they’re accepting and provides the dollar amount of each loan the student wishes to borrow to pay for their educational costs. Upon receipt, the Financial Aid Office will update the student’s financial aid record which will trigger additional requirements the student must complete in order to obtain the student aid which they have accepted.These additional requirements will be viewable online through your SIS accountThe links at the bottom of this page will provide further instruction so that you complete all requirements for loans which you’ve decided to accept.

You should evaluate your student loan borrowing needs in light of personal financial resources available to you. Completing the Loan Disbursement Worksheet will help you determine exactly what you might need to borrow. It is suggested that DMD/DIS students complete the Loan Disbursement Worksheet. Note that post-graduate students applying for Federal Direct Grad PLUS or a Private Education Loan are REQUIRED to complete the Loan Disbursement Worksheet and return it to the Financial Aid Office.

US Citizens/Permanent Residents as well as foreign students are also welcome to pursue Private Education Loans with a lender of their choice. We suggest that all students who are interested in learning more about their financing options review our Guide to Supplemental Loans for additional information on the pros and cons of borrowing these types of loans.

To complete loan application requirements for loans that you’ve been awarded (and have accepted per your Award Notification Letter), click on the appropriate drop down(s) below.