Contact Financial Aid

Mailing Address and General Phone Numbers:

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Financial Aid Office, 15th Floor, Suite 1511
1 Kneeland Street
Boston, MA  02111

General Phone: 617-636-6640

Secure Fax (Financial Aid Business Only): 617-636-2153*

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Sandra M. Pearson, Director of Enrollment Services
Phone Number: 617-636-0922
Fax Number: 617-636-2153
Room 1511 F

Nikki Lowe Lane, Associate Director of Financial Aid
(Contact for Dental Post-Graduate Students)
Phone Number: 617-636-6973
Fax Number: 617-636-2153
Room 1511 E

Paula Bernal-Bromley, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
(Contact for Classes D28, D26, and DIS26)
Phone Number: 617-636-3850
Fax Number: 617-636-2153
Room 1511 M

Kayla Andree, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
(Contact for Classes D27, D25, and DIS25)
Phone Number: 617-636-0416
Fax Number: 617-636-2153
Room 1511 L

Other Important Phone Numbers

Boston Health Science Campus Operator: 617-636-7000
General Clinic and Department Phone Number: 617-636-6828
Tufts Medical Center Operator: 617-636-5000
Boston Health Science Campus Police: 617-636-6610 (Non-Emergency)
Boston Health Science Campus Police Emergency: 617-636-6911
Book Store: 617-636-6628
Student Health and Advisory Office: 617-636-2700
Bursar’s Office: 617-636-6551 Fax Number: 617-636-0378

Tufts Dental School Student Affairs Division – General Phone Numbers:

Admissions Office: 617-636-6639
Student Affairs Office: 617-636-0887 or 617-636-0882
Office of Enrollment Services–Registrar’s Office: 617-636-0814
Dedicated Fax (Registrar’s Office Business Only):  617-636-6627
Fax Number to Student Affairs Division: 617-636-0309**

*Faxing is not a secure way to transmit personal sensitive information. Any fax received that contains personal sensitive information, such as a Social Security Number, passport numbers, or bank account numbers, will not be accepted and will be shredded immediately upon receipt.

**Please note that this is a common fax machine used by parties within the dental school other than the Student Affairs Office. Please consider this when opting to fax information containing personal identifying information such as those which contain social security numbers. We would suggest these items be mailed by regular or express mail if the materials to the attention of the appropriate office.

Tufts University Directory (for additional listings and phone numbers):