PHCS Research

Members of DPHCS perform innovative and vital research that contributes to diverse areas of dental public health. Through data science and evidence-based research we make inroads to: i) measure disease frequency at the population level; ii) understand the root causes of disease and the impact and synergies of risk factors (epidemiology); iii) explore health economics and the inter-relationships of the health system (health services research); iv) communicate with communities and engage underserved and vulnerable populations in research; v) address social determinants of health; vi) develop and evaluate need-specific programs; vii) explore the BigMouth database to identify improvements in oral health and more. We use data sciences to collaborate across Tufts and with members of other institutions to effect positive health change in Massachusetts and the broader United States.

A group of people standing in from of a presentation that reads "Effects of Covid-19 on Dental Education"
Research Students sitting down in a room with bookcases on their laptops

Our three biostatisticians are involved in the early stages of research design as well as in data management and data analysis. They mentor faculty and students on how to implement high quality investigations, how to write statistical code and choose the most appropriate statistical analysis methods and overall they contribute to the high research productivity of TUSDM.

In summary, DPHCS faculty are committed to improve population health via public health research strategies and innovation as well as mentor students to complete high-quality research projects and form meaningful collaborations.

Selected research studies that have been completed and successfully presented at TUSDM’s annual Bates-Andrews Research Day or at national scientific meetings are listed below: