Advanced Dental Technology (ADT) and Research

Student using a 3D printer to make dentures

The Advanced Dental Technology (ADT) and Research Program provides an advanced level of education in dental technology and related research to dental technicians who desire higher education in areas such as advanced dental ceramics, implantology and CAD/CAM technology. The program allows dental technicians to attend lectures and seminars offered by the Postgraduate Prosthodontics program, gain a mutual understanding of comprehensive treatment process and improve communication with dentists. 

The program also allows the technician to interact with postgraduate prosthodontics residents through clinical cases and provides him/her the opportunity to observe treatments and outcomes of clinical patients through fabricating prostheses. The student will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in ADT after he/she fulfills all program requirements.

Program Goal

  • To educate and train dental technicians to become experts in the advanced dental technology field

Program Objectives

  • To provide dental technologists an advanced level of understanding of dental technology
  • To educate dental technologists on currently available ceramic systems, materials and their applications
  • To allow the student to master application techniques to understand the relationships between research and clinical application, and the resulting limitations
  • To enable the student to develop research design which reflects those clinical applications and limitations should they choose to do additional research

Program Length

  • Full-time program: Two years
  • Full-time combined ADT Certificate and Master of Science degree program: Three years

Applicant Qualification

A Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent level of education and/or training, is required for admission to the program.

Course of Study

  • Biostatistics I and II
  • Epidemiology and Critical thinking in the Practice of Dentistry
  • Critical Evaluation of Scientific Literature
  • Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics Laboratory
  • Advanced Removable Prosthodontics Laboratory
  • Biomaterials I & II
  • Prosthodontics Treatment Planning seminar I, II
  • Advanced Prosthodontic Technique
  • Comprehensive Literature Review I, II
  • Dental Occlusion
  • Fixed Partial Denture
  • Treatment of Endodontically Treated Teeth
  • Removable Partial Denture (RPD)
  • Complete Denture
  • Implant Prosthodontics
  • Digital CAD/CAM Dentistry
  • Integration of Esthetic Dentistry and Prosthodontics
  • Infectious Disease and Hazard Control Management

Program Director: Konstantinos Vazouras

Associate Program Director: Dr. Yong Jeong Kim      

Faculty: Members of the TUSDM Postgraduate Prosthodontics Faculty