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Financial Aid

Students discussing financial aid.

Students enrolled in the DMD, the Dental International Student Program, and accredited post-graduate programs at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine can access a wide variety of both federal and institutional financial aid. Both merit and needs-based grants are available to those students who qualify. The majority of funding available for students consists of student loans. These include both federal and institutional loans. Foreign students can apply for private education loans provided they have a qualified co-signer for the loan.

Before applying for financial assistance, students and their families are expected to maximize use of their own resources. Financial aid should supplement a family’s maximum financial effort. Students are encouraged to research outside scholarship assistance. There are several free scholarship search websites available on the internet. State and local dental societies also may provide financial assistance in the form of a scholarship, grant or low-interest loan. However, in the absence of financial assistance from the student’s own resources, qualified students can usually receive financial assistance, mostly in the form of student loans, to cover their entire cost of education to include tuition, fees, books, supplies and living expenses.

The links below will assist you in understanding the available financial aid programs at TUSDM, financial aid application requirements and the student loan application process. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for from one of the links below, please feel free to contact office.

Determining Eligibility and Types of Loans

Financial Aid Application Forms & Cost of Attendance

Student Loan Materials and Financial Literacy

Financial Aid Award Notice

Once the student has reviewed their financial aid award notice and made any required updates to the loan amounts, they must submit the signed award notice through the secure box portal below. The award notice must be signed prior to submitting it.  Written or electronic signatures will be accepted but typed or font signatures will not be permitted.  Post-graduate students are required to submit their completed loan disbursement worksheets (LDW), also through the portal.

If the award notice was received via email, print out the email, initial any changes, sign it with written (inked) signature, scan it, and return to the Financial Aid Office by uploading it to the secure portal link below. If a printer or scanner is not accessible, open the email window containing the award letter, go to “File”, “Print”, select “Print to PDF,” and then select “Print”.  A prompt will follow to identify a document name and where PDF should be saved. Once document has been named (see below for proper naming configuration), click Save. The email is then saved as a PDF document to which any appropriate adjustments (initial any changes) can be added along with an electronic signature. Upload the saved document using the secure portal link below.

Regardless of chosen method to complete the award letter, when saving the document, please NAME IT USING the following configuration:


For instance, a D25 student should name their document: Last Name, First Name D25 Award Notice. A first-year Endodontics student should name their document: Last Name, First Name EN23 Award Notice. Loan Disbursement Worksheets (Post-Graduates only) can be submitted using a similar configuration with LDW at the end. This helps the Financial Aid Office direct your award notice to the appropriate staff member for processing..   

Click the link below through the secure Box portal to Submit your Award Letter electronically to the Financial Aid Office.