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Department of Public Health and Community Service

Tufts Dental Facilities
Patients being treated Tufts Dental Facilities

Bringing a commitment to socially responsible education, patient care, research, and community engagement, the Department of Public Health and Community Service fosters optimal health and quality of life through population-based oral health disease prevention practices and healthy lifestyle behaviors. Reflecting Tufts University’s mission of community service and citizenship development, the department not only provides comprehensive instruction and conducts research in a wide array of public health topics, it also serves as a role model for future dentists to understand the interplay among individual, caregiver, and health care provider groups through extensive outreach programs bringing prevention education and quality services to patients in need of dental care. Research and population-based programs in the Department include Advanced General Dentistry (GPR/AEGD) postdoctoral training; Community-Based Oral Health Prevention and Engagement; Community Service Learning Externships; Geriatric Dentistry; Global Service Learning; Health Communication, Education and Promotion; and Special Care in Dentistry, Tufts Dental Facilities (TDF).