Price Comparison Guide

Comprehensive Care Clinic Fees

At Tufts Dental School we offer a unique option for your health care, one where your treatment is part of an educational experience. As a not-for-profit, we keep our fees as low as possible while still being able to provide you with the highest standards of care. 

Provider Dental Student

The Tufts Dental School is a teaching facility. Student dentists work under the supervision of faculty to provide patient care in our teaching clinics. The time commitment and fees for your treatment may vary and the types of services you require. Treatment provided by student dentists may require a significant time commitment and treatment may extend over several months and may involve multiple students based on your dental treatment plan.

  • Appointment Time: 2-3 hr. for each appointment, treatment will take longer than outside dentists
  • Fees are generally 25%-50% less than area specialists
  • Full Mouth X-Rays is $109 on the first appointment
  • Comprehensive Oral Exam is $74 on the second appointment

Specialty Teaching Clinics

We also offer a full range of Specialty Teaching Clinics. Dentists pursuing advanced degrees provide your care and they are able to provide more complex treatments. Prices and policies vary, but fees are up to 50% less than area specialists, but slightly higher than in our Comprehensive Care Clinic.