Case Studies in Orofacial Pain and Headache Series [Virtual]

Join us for an ongoing series of continuing education on orofacial pain, headache, and related pain topics focusing on case studies. It will consist of a half-day program (4 hours) in collaboration with 9 orofacial pain programs. Each case presentation will be presented by a Post-Graduate Resident, overseen by a faculty member, from the respective training programs. Esteemed guest discussants will be invited to participate based on the topics of the presentations.

  • 10/16/21 - "Temporomandibular Disorders"
  • 1/22/22 - "Headache Disorders and Orofacial Pain Resembling Headache Disorders"
  • 3/19/22 - "Pathology/Red Flags"
  • 5/21/22 - "Idiopathic Neuropathic Pain Disorders"
  • 7/16/22 - "Dental and Oral Pain Disorders"
  • 9/24/22 - "Psychological Issues"
  • 11/19/22 - "Trigeminal Neuralgia and Orofacial Pain Due to Disease of Cranial Nerves“
  • 1/28/23 - "Headache and Orofacial Pain Resembling Primary Headache Disorders"
  • 3/25/23 - "Pathology/Red Flags"
  • ...And Save the Dates/Topics for more!