Advanced Digital Prosthodontics and Implant (ADPI) Dentistry Fellowship

A gloved hand holding dentures

The Advanced Digital Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry (ADPI) Fellowship was established at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM) in 2014. The one-year full-time fellowship program is designed to allow the enrolled fellow(s) in an advanced level of training in digital prosthodontics and implant dentistry (including surgical placement) with didactic, clinical, laboratory and scholarly components.

The program is unique as it will render the enrollee(s) advanced training in implant dentistry (including surgical placement) and digital dentistry using various technology. The following digital system is currently available within the Postgraduate Prosthodontics Clinic that offers patient care with complete dental digital workflow:

  • Laboratory scanners (7SERIES by Dental Wings, Activity 880 by Smartoptics, CARES Scan CS2 by Straumann and Nobel scanner 2G),
  • Dental CAD design and modeling software (EXOCAD by EXOCAD GMBH and Cares by Straumann),
  • 5-axes milling machines (PM-7 by Ivoclar and Tizian Cut 5 by Schütz Dental),
  • 3D Dental Printers (Carbon-M2 by Carbon3D, Form2 by Formlabs, Varseo by Bego),
  • Intraoral scanners (Trios3 and Trios4 by 3Shape)
  • Three-dimensional face imaging (3dMD),
  • CBCT (i-CAT, Planmeca),
  • Computer-based implant planning (co-Diagnostic by Straumann, Nobel Clinician by Nobel Biocare),
  • Jaw tracking device (CADIAX 2 by GAMMA).

Program Duration

The program duration will be one year from July 1st of the starting year to June 30th of the following year and can be extended upon request by the respective fellow(s). This full tuition-based fellowship program involves patient care and research. With the approval of the Advanced Graduate and Education Committee, the Fellowship could be extended to the combined program with the Master of Science Program.       

Applicant Qualification

Successful completion of the Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics in the US or Canada.

Course of Study

The Fellow(s) will have the opportunity to attend didactic components including workshops (several in form of new workshop type courses), perform patient care in digital prosthodontics and implant dentistry and dental laboratory procedures, as well as participate in research related to the rapidly developing field of digital prosthodontics and implant dentistry.

  • Digital Prosthodontics (new didactic and hands-on course)
  • Osseointegration & Alveolar Tissue Regeneration
  • Digital Implant Dentistry (new didactic and hands-on course)
  • Advanced Prosthodontics Treatment Seminar
  • Application of CAD/CAM Technology in the Dental Laboratory (Laboratory Course)
  • Digital Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry Clinic 1, 2.
  • Research in Digital Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry: Literature reviews and research projects.

Program Director: Ekaterini Antonellou-Pantekidis

Associate Program Director: Dr. Yong Jeong Kim      

Faculty:  Members of the TUSDM Postgraduate Prosthodontics Faculty