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Mission, Vision, and Values

Whitecoat Ceremony


Global leaders in oral health


Education committed to clinical excellence

We achieve our mission through:

  • Evolving comprehensive dental education that integrates science, technology, patient needs, and lifelong learning in a world-class environment
  • Interdisciplinary, dynamic research to improve oral care and impact overall health
  • Recruitment, development, support, and retention of a diverse group of exceptional students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Civic engagement in service to our local, regional, national, and global communities


  • Professional excellence and integrity in living, learning, and practicing with the highest ethical and clinical standards
  • Commitment to advance dentistry through the integration of education, research, and collaboration
  • Respect for one another’s rights, opinions, and beliefs in a diverse, culturally sensitive, and supportive environment
  • A culture of open communication that fosters a sense of community