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School of Dental Medicine

Sesquicentennial Award Winners Announced

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Dean Huw F. Thomas recently announced the Sesquicentennial award winners to mark the 150th anniversary of the school.
The Sesquicentennial Award winners

To celebrate Tufts University School of Dental Medicine 150th anniversary, Dean Huw Thomas created the Sesquicentennial Awards to mark the occasion. Faculty, staff, alumni, and students were invited to nominate members of the TUDSM community based on a set of criteria including spirit and integrity, significant professional or historical achievement, and a long-standing commitment to the school.

The awards selection committee was composed of three members each of faculty, staff, and alumni. With nearly 100 nominations submitted and so many spectacular individuals represented within the TUSDM community, the committee had a difficult task in choosing. After careful review and deliberation, the winners were chosen and announced on Thursday, September 13, 2018. We congratulate the following:
Jess Kane, D74, DG76, AG78, DG79, D04P, DG06P
Van Zissi, D62, DG67, A02P
Kanchan Ganda, M.D. J00P, M04P
Charles Rankin, D79, DG86, D08P, DG11P
Paula Callahan
Sean Donlon

A celebration was held Wednesday, September 26th to honor the award winners.

The awards selection committee was put together by Dean Huw F. Thomas. Any award members that were nominated were recused from the decision-making in their area. The committee included:

Thomas Lloyd, Practice Manager in Pediatrics 
Alberto Lamberti, DI15, DG11 Assistant Professor in Prosthodontics
Alan Epstein, D82, Assistant Professor in Comprehensive Care
Sophy Bishop, Digital Communications Specialist
Peter Arsenault, D94, DG95, Professor in Comprehensive Care
Carvelle McAlpin, Practice Administrator in Clinic Registration
Janis Moriarty, D94, General Dentist in Private Practice            
Kane Ramsey, D14, Periodontist in Private Practice
Vangel Zissi, D64, DG67, A02P, Sr. Advisor to the Dean

The full criteria with which the winners were selected was as follows:

  1. Spirit and integrity reflecting the school’s mission/vision and core values. (See more details on the school's website.)
  2. Significant professional and/or historical achievement over their professional career.
  3. A long-standing commitment to the school reflected through continued engagement, or research, teaching, or mentoring.