Alpha Omega

International Dental Fraternity – Gamma Chapter

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega is the oldest international dental organization and was founded in1907 by a group of Jewish students in Baltimore, Maryland. AO’s purpose at the time was to fight the widespread discrimination in dental schools. From its foundation to the present day Alpha Omega, it has grown to be much more than an equality fighter. Today Alpha Omega is primarily an educational and philanthropic organization and welcomes all dental professionals and students, regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Thousands of members strong, AO reaches the far corners of the globe. AO represents about 15,000 dentists worldwide.
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Why Join AO?

  • Leadership opportunities- learn to be an effective member of the dental profession!
  • Help from upper classpersons and alumni- tutoring sessions, clinic help, assisting & more!
  • Outreach programs and community service- oral cancer screening, geriatrics, visit local schools!
  • Socializing Events- sporting events, family outings, dinner & more!
  • Leadership seminars across the country- meet students from other dental schools!
  • Annual International Convention- connect with Alpha Omegans across the world!
  • Educational programs and lectures- learn about new dental technology!
  • Assistance with finding an associateship- AO prides itself on the help and support of all its members!
  • Shadowing program- connect with a local dentist in any specialty!
  • Externships in the city of your choice-for a week, month, or an entire summer!


Join Alpha Omega Today, and become part of this wonderful organization! Enhance your experience as a dental student now, and as a clinician in the future! Become a proud Alpha Omegan, and discover for yourself what we have to offer!


Co-Presidents: Mike Cohen & Austin Lee
Vice Presidents: Benoit Trottier & Kyle Tyler
Treasurer: Joshua Weiler
Secretary: Grant Beyer
Historian: Jacqueline Servais
Outreach Chair: Saahil Dadhania
Fundraising Chair: Matthew Vakili