Excused Absence/Rotation Swap

When students find a conflict with a scheduled exam or rotation they must fill out the Excused Absence/Swap Rotation form below and submit to the Academic Programs and Scheduling Administrator via email attachment.

Excused Absence/Swap Rotation form

Instructions for submitting rotation swap

A student can swap rotations for any reason they find necessary six times within an academic year. If a student exceeds their amount of swaps or would like additional opportunities to swap, they must meet with the Dean of Student Affairs for approval. The rotation swap submittal e-mail must include the form which indicates the rotation being swapped, exact date and time of the rotation, the name of the student who agreed trade rotations, and both students’ Axium provider numbers.  The e-mail must be sent to sean.hopkins@tufts.edu, copying the rotation director, administrator and student agreeing to the swap. The student agreeing to the swap must send a confirmation e-mail to the Academic Affairs Program and Schedule Administrator, who will record and track all swaps.

Instructions for submitting exam absence

A student can be absent from an exam for the following approved reason with supporting documentation:

  • Personal or familial emergency or illness (does not include pets)
  • Funerals
  • PG interviews
  • Court ordered appearances
  • Wedding (personal, family or member of wedding party)
  • Travel delays due to inclement weather

When completing the form for an exam, please complete the top information field only and submit with the supporting documentation. The form should be submitted via email attachment to sean.hopkins@tufts.edu and the course director must be copied. If your reason from missing is not included on the above list, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs for permission to be absent.