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Dentist on Display is a monthly series spotlighting young Tufts Dental alumni doing extraordinary work around the globe. If you are interested in nominating a recent TUSDM DMD alum, please contact Marguerite Moore, Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Career Services, at

May/June 2017

Dentist on Display: Temurkin Cucukov, D14

Temurkin Cucukov, D14, was looking for a second externship experience when he came across a two week program with Indian Health Services in Barrow, Alaska. “I thought, of all the places I could go for the summer, that would probably be the most unique and interesting,” he said.

March/April 2017

Dentist on Display: Aundrea Eady, D11, DG14

It was a ten minute conversation with a few prosthodontists in Hawaii that prompted Aundrea Eady, D11, DG14, to take the leap and make a bold career decision. As the president of the Tufts chapter of the Student National Dental Association (SNDA), she was in Hawaii to attend the organization’s national conference.


February 2017

Dentists on Display: Meghann Dombroski, D10, DG14 and Tarryn Mac Carthy, DG04

Tufts Dental alums Meghann Dombroski, D10, DG14 and Tarryn Mac Carthy, DG04 met while teaching in Maine and realized their mutual interest in opening a practice. They decided to partner and recently opened mBrace Orthodontics, an orthodontics practice in Falmouth, Maine.


January 2017

Dentist on Display: Kyle Dunmire, D14, DG15

Initially, Kyle Dunmire, D14, was not planning to pursue dentistry. Although his mother was a dental assistant and he had experience shadowing in dental offices, he was more interested in pursuing a PhD within the biological sciences. But things changed during his time working in a research lab.


December 2016

Dentist on Display: Stephanie Katz, D09

During her final year in dental school, Stephanie Katz, D09 was confident about her job prospects in private practice. But it was a prison–Osborn Correctional Institution in Somers, CT–where she found a better fit.


November 2016


Dentist on Display:Kelly Kimiko Leong, D14, DG16

Kelly Kimiko Leong, D14, DG16, was faced with a challenging decision after completing three years of dental school. She had been selected to join the Medical Research Scholars Program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The year-long research program would allow Leong to work on a comprehensive research project.

October 2016


Dentist on Display: Omar Abuzaineh, D13

Omar Abuzaineh, D13, can easily commute 500 miles a week. From his home in Flagstaff, AZ, he drives east 50 miles to reach the clinic at Winslow Indian Health Care Center (WIHCC). Some days, he reports to Winslow’s two satellite campuses in Leupp, AZ (40 minutes from Flagstaff), and in Dilkon, AZ (40 minutes from Winslow).

September 2016

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 Dentist on Display: Rachel Misuraca, D13

Rachel Misuraca, D13 has wanted to become an orthodontist since she was in high school. Now stationed with the U.S. Army, 3,000 miles away in Germany, Misuraca’s career has taken her on a journey she surely did not anticipate in high school.


August 2016

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Dentist on Display: Nicholas Gordon, D12

Dr. Nicholas Gordon’s passion to serve the community was instilled long before his acceptance into dental school. The untimely death of Deamonte Driver, a boy who died from a tooth abscess, was the first event that compelled Gordon to become interested in understanding health disparities.