ADEA and IADR Presentations

If you are currently engaged in research, you are most likely aware that abstract submission deadlines for the 2017 ADEA and IADR meetings are coming up quickly!

This page serves to outline the abstract submission process for those students, staff, and faculty who intend on submitting an abstract or attending either the ADEA 2017 Annual Session (Long Beach, CA, March 18-21, 2017) or the IADR 2017 Annual Session (San Francisco, CA, March 22-25, 2017).

This can be a daunting task for those who have not done it before, so we encourage you to prepare plenty of extra time for proofreading and familiarizing yourself with the abstract guidelines. Please follow the link to our TUSK site which has several helpful documents.  Two important ones are the Ethics of Scientific Writing PowerPoint presentation and handout from the June lunch and learn.  Additionally, please look at the PowerPoint presentation put on by Dr. Lynn Whittaker on “How to write the perfect abstract” which took place on 08/29/16. We also encourage you to make use of your peers who have experience in previous abstract submissions.

Our statisticians are working on dozens of projects for the ADEA/IADR submission deadlines. In order to obtain your statistical analysis through them please plan for multiple meetings. If you have a statistician please continue to work with them. If you haven’t been assigned a statistician yet please email Dr. Matthew Finkelman ( and he will tell you who to contact.

ADEA 2017 Annual Session (Long Beach, CA) – Abstract deadline September 12th

If you are submit an abstract to this meeting, please email Katie Dunn ( to notify her of your abstract submission.  In your email please include a copy of the final abstract and state the source of your travel funding. Once you receive your acceptance to present at the meeting, please again notify Katie Dunn. If you are not presenting at the meeting but still attending the meeting please still let Katie know that as well. Students who are submitting ADEA abstracts through the ADCFP program will be coordinating that submission with Dr. Yun Saksena (, who will communicate directly with Katie.

IADR 2017 Annual Session (San Francisco, CA) – Due to DRA October 3rd

DRA will be handling the online submissions for all abstracts to this meeting.  Please send Katie Dunn the final, proofread version of your abstract along with the below information:

If you are not presenting at the meeting but still attending, please let Katie know that as well so she can include you in the Tufts events.  If you are selected for an oral presentation DRA will host a practice session for oral presenters.