Orthodontic Clinic

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The Tufts Orthodontic Clinic offers high-quality orthodontic care for adults and children at affordable rates. Services include early treatment for children, traditional braces for teenagers and adults, clear aligners for adults and the most up-to-date and sophisticated orthodontic procedures, including surgical and implant orthodontics, for patients with complex problems.

Why Tufts Orthodontic Clinic?

Conveniently located in downtown Boston, Tufts Dental School is proud to offer expert, affordable orthodontic care for adults and children. We also pride ourselves on serving patients with disabilities and complex needs.

What to Expect

In most ways, our Orthodontic Clinic functions the same as a standard clinic, and you can expect to receive excellent care at an affordable cost. However, we are teaching facility, so dentists pursuing orthodontic degrees work with experienced orthodontists to provide your care. This means we can offer an excellent value, but we have some unique policies and processes. Learn more about our prices, policies and payment plans.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

New patients can request an appointment online or call (617) 636-6887 to schedule a no-cost consultation. During this initial consultation, our orthodontic experts will explain more about how our various services and treatment options can met your needs. If you have had a recent panoramic x-ray taken, please bring it with you.

Please note:

  • MassHealth only covers orthodontic care for patients under the age of 21 pending prior-approval.
  • We can not take transfer cases (patients who already have braces on) from another practice.
  • Delta Dental of Massachusetts requires prior-approval before starting orthodontic treatment.

Please call (617) 636-6887 or fill out the form below.

Patient Testimonials

Beyond providing exceptional care at an unbeatable value, our orthodontic faculty and our residents are committed to compassionate care.

“Tufts Orthodontics is a great place to receive high quality care in a comfortable environment… I came to Tufts because of its convenient location in Boston and its proximity to the ‘T’… My treatment results surpassed my expectations, and now I cannot stop smiling. Even as an adult, I am so happy I went through braces.”

– Betsy Shenk (adult orthodontic patient)

“At Tufts Orthodontics, the staff are very friendly. My doctor is very kind and nice. They take care of you and comfort you.”

– Grace Agrasuta (14 year-old orthodontic patient)

“I am very happy with the services I receive at Tufts… The receptionists, students, and doctors are very well trained and provide me with great customer service.”

– Johanna Medina (adult orthodontic patient)

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Our orthodontic clinic has state of the art facilities and the latest technology to provide you with comprehensive care—from the latest clear braces and aligners for adults to implants and surgeries. We also pride ourselves on serving patients with disabilities and special needs. We are a full-service facility that can provide interdisciplinary care all under one roof.

  • Comprehensive treatment for children and adults
  • Clear braces and aligners
  • Lingual invisible braces
  • Latest technology and modern facilities
  • Interdisciplinary and surgical treatments
  • Treatment of children and adults with disabilities and special needs

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