Orthodontic Clinic – Affordable braces for children and adults

Orthodontic Care at Tufts Dental School

Expert, affordable orthodontic services for children and adults

Conveniently located in downtown Boston, Tufts Dental School is proud to offer comprehensive and affordable orthodontic care. Services include early treatment for children, traditional braces for teenagers and adults, clear aligners for adults and the most up-to-date and sophisticated orthodontic procedures, including surgical and implant orthodontics, for patients with complex problems.

Why Tufts Dental?

Reduced fees, state of the art technology and convenient location in downtown Boston are just a few of the reasons to choose Tufts Dental for your Orthodontic needs. Learn More.


Beyond providing exceptional care at an unbeatable value, our orthodontic faculty and our residents are committed to compassionate care. See what our patients are saying.


Our orthodontic clinic has state of the art facilities and the latest technology to provide you with comprehensive care, from braces for adults and children to implants and surgeries. Learn more.