Price Comparison Guide

This chart is for comparison purposes ONLY.

Fees are estimated and may change. Each patient’s total cost of care will vary. Your dentist will advise you on the best procedures for your needs.

(Provider level)
Referral needed? Time Fees Simple Cleaning One Surface White Filling* Molar Root Canal* Tooth-Colored Crown *
Comprehensive Care Clinic
(Dental student)
No +++ $ $69 $77 $525 $811
Specialty Clinics
(Dentist pursuing advanced training)
Usually needed** ++ $$ Prices and policies vary. Fees are generally 25-50% less than area specialists.
Faculty Member
(Practicing dentist or specialist)
No + $$$ $117
$235 $1,479 $1,887
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*Procedure examples:

  • Fillings: Prices vary based on tooth, complexity and material used.
  • Root Canals: Prices vary depending on the tooth and complexity. Price estimate is for the root canal treatment only and does not include other treatment that may be necessary. You may need to be referred to our post-doctoral Endodontic Clinic.
  • Crowns: Prices vary depending on tooth and material used.

**Referral information:

Specialty clinics usually require a referral from a dentist/doctor, except the following: Pediatric Dentistry Clinic (children), Orthodontic Clinic (braces), and Esthetic Clinic (smile makeovers). Patients of our Comprehensive Care Clinic, will be referred to our specialty clinics as needed.

Faculty member (non-teaching clinic):

Some faculty have their private practice within Tufts Dental School. Their services do not involve the teaching process, and their fees are comparable with area private prices.