Comprehensive Care Clinic

Our Comprehensive Care Clinic serves most patients who want to improve their overall oral health. Dentists-in-training work with experienced dentists to provide your care.

  • 50% lower fees than area private practices
  • Wide range of services including root canals, dentures and fillings
  • MassHealth and most dental insurances accepted (but not required!)
  • Priority referrals to our specialty clinics

Become a Patient

To make sure we are good fit for you, please read the following criteria for becoming a new patient.

  1. New patients need two initial visits. During the first visit we provide a free screening and take necessary x-rays which cost up to$81. The second visit is a comprehensive oral exam and costs $37. (Here’s a look at how much our patients can save.)
  2. Appointments can last up to three hours. This time frame helps accommodate the teaching process – it doesn’t mean you will have your mouth open for three hours! It does mean you get the benefit of expert opinions from multiple, experienced dental professionals and specialists.
  3. We can not provide free care, payment will be expected at the time of your appointment. Our prices are lower than area private practices which makes us a great option for patients without insurance as well as those who want to make their insurance dollar go further.

Contact Us Online  or call (617) 420-7250

  • IMPORTANT! Please do not share sensitive personal information through this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on one of the frequently asked questions below to view the answer.

What can I expect as a patient?

In many ways, we function just like a normal dental office, and you can expect to receive excellent dental care. However, we are a teaching facility, so dentists-in-training work with experienced dentists to provide your care. This means that our patients receive an exceptionally high level of care, but it takes longer than a normal private practice. As a dental school, we also have lower rates  and provide comprehensive care.

Click here to learn more about becoming a patient.

How do I make my first appointment?

New patients seeking general/comprehensive dental care, should visit our Become a Patient page. You can make an appointment by calling (617) 636-6828 or using our online appointment request form.

Our highest call volume times are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. You can save time and have us call you, by filling out our online contact form at any time.

If you have a referral or have been told by a doctor or dentist that you need to see a dental specialist, please contact the appropriate specialty clinic.

I have a referral for a dental specialty. Where do I call?

If you have a referral from an outside doctor/dentist for a specific procedure, please visit the page of the applicable specialty clinic to set up an appointment.

Does Tufts provide free care?

We are not able to offer free care. We are a teaching facility and we provide discounted rates as such. In addition, we offer payment plans.  For more information, please visit our Clinic Business Office page.

Do I need insurance to be a patient?

We welcome patients without insurance (self-pay) patients – in fact, many of our patients do not have insurance. Our rates are 25-50 percent lower than area private practices which makes us a great fit for self-pay patients. We can also help you set up payment plans. More information on insurance and billing.

How much cheaper is Tufts than a private dentist?

Our fees are generally 25-50 percent less than many private practices in the area, depending on the treatment. Please click here for a price comparison guide.

How much does it cost to get a cleaning, filling, root canal, implant, braces, etc.?

All treatment plans are unique, so we can not provide you with an estimate until you are seen in the clinic. However, our rates are up to 50 percent lower than area private practices. Please click here for a comparison guide, that can help illustrate our rates. This guide is for comparison purposes only.

Can I just get a cleaning?

New patients always need an examination and treatment plan before any treatment begins, including cleanings.

Can I bring my kid to my appointment?

To ensure safety, privacy and confidentiality to all our patients, minor children accompanying patients to a Clinic visit are prohibited from entering the operatory or diagnostic areas. Patients should be asked to bring a responsible childcare provider to supervise the child in the waiting room if a child must be brought to the patient’s Clinic visit. Patients should be advised during the scheduling process that childcare is not available on-site or provided by TUSDM staff and their Clinic visit may need to be rescheduled if the patient fails to arrange for appropriate childcare when accompanied by a minor child.

How do I make follow-up appointments? (Current patients)

Current patients should call their student dentist, group practice or specialty clinic directly. You can find a list of Patient Care contacts here.

If you were a patient here, but have not had an appointment in more than 2 years you may need to go through our process for becoming a new patient again.

Does Tufts provide assistance for low-income patients?

Since we are a teaching facility and our fees are between 25-50 percent less than a private practice, we are unable to provide free care or low-income assistance. We can offer payment plans through our Clinic Business Office.

I need to reschedule my first appointment.

If you are a new general care patient and need to reschedule your initial visit, please call (617) 636-0473.

If you have an appointment at a specialty clinic, please select the clinic from this list, and call them directly.

Current or returning patients should contact their student dentist.

Current Patients

If you are a current patient in our Comprehensive Care Clinic (sometimes called predcotoral, UG, or general dentistry clinic), you should always contact your student dentist directly about appointments and with questions. If you can not reach your student dentist, please contact your group practice using the applicable number below.

Group Practice Name*



Atlantic (617) 636-3696 2
Back Bay
(617) 636-3639 2
(617) 636-3510 3
(617) 636-3530 3
Exeter (617) 636-3550 4
Fairfield (617) 636-3570 4

*All group practices are located on floors 2 through 4 of our main building at 1 Kneeland St. in Boston.