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PLEASE NOTE: For policies/inquiries regarding Tufts Dental Associates (faculty practice) please visit their webpage.

The Tufts Dental School Clinics accept the following insurances:

If a patient does not have one of the insurance plans listed above, s/he can still receive services at TUSDM. The patient must pay in full at the time of the appointment, and then file for reimbursement from her/his insurance company. TUSDM’s Clinic Business Office will provide the patient with a standard dental claim form listing the treatments that were provided and the payment received. The patient then may submit the dental claim form to her/his insurance company. The patient will then work directly with her/his insurance company to receive reimbursement as allowed under the patient’s insurance coverage.

It is each patient’s responsibility to know her/his dental insurance benefits. Patients should check with their employer or insurance plan (e.g., by calling the number on the back of their insurance card) with questions about coverage.

Patients who have dental insurance should bring their insurance card and photo identification to every appointment. If a patient’s insurance coverage is not active on the date of the appointment, Tufts Dental School will not disrupt or delay urgent or necessary care; however, the patient’s student or resident dentist may ask the patient to reschedule the appointment. If a patient’s insurance does not cover a treatment, the patient must pay for the treatment at the time of the appointment.

Many dental insurance plans, including MassHealth and Commonwealth Care, require prior authorization for some dental services.

*Important Info for MassHealth and Commonwealth Care

MassHealth does not cover orthodontic services for ages 21 and over, and Commonwealth Care does not cover any orthodontic services.

Effective July 1, 2010, MassHealth has reduced dental coverage for adults age 21 and older.

MassHealth coverage for adults age 21 and older now ONLY includes exams, cleanings, x-rays, extractions (removal of teeth), emergency care visits (to treat pain and reduce the risk of infection), and some types of oral surgery (such as biopsies and soft-tissue surgery). MassHealth also covers one and two surface composites on anterior teeth effective January 1st, 2013

MassHealth dental benefits for children (under 21) and for Department of Developmental Services (DDS) clients were not reduced, and most dental services are still covered. Please contact MassHealth for more information.