TUSDM in the Media

Despite Burden, Sjögren’s Syndrome May Not Impede Function

Press Release, 2/4/2014 – People living with Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder characterized by dry eyes and dry mouth, appear to function at a level comparable to their healthier peers, according to a cross-sectional study published online in advance of print in Clinical Rheumatology. Read more

University of New England appoints new dean for Maine’s only dental college

Bangor Daily News, 1/10/2014 – University of New England on Thursday announced the appointment of Dr. James B. Hanley as the new dean of its College of Dental Medicine, the state’s first such school. Read more

The Promise of IPE: One Patient, Many Providers, Improved Care

ADEA Bulletin, Dec 2013 – In a perfect scenario, a dental patient with indications of heart problems, diabetes or other health issues would receive a referral to the appropriate specialist for additional care. Read more

CAMBRA – Caries management by risk assessment

ABC Radio, 8/26/2013 – Dr. Peter Arsenault, Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry, spoke with the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) on August 26 about CAMBRA, a new way to assess caries risk. Listen here

Taste test: Lab-grown hamburger short on flavor

AP News, 8/5/2013 – The food of the future could do with a pinch of seasoning – and maybe some cheese. (TUSDM stem cell researcher Dr. John Garlick is quoted.) Read more

Festering Cavities, Missing Teeth: Desperately Needed Dentistry For Disabled

By Dr. John Morgan for WBUR, 5/24/2013 – Most people consider going to the dentist a minor inconvenience. But for patients with an intellectual or physical disability, it can be a major ordeal. Read more

Portsmouth dentist speaks in South Korea

NH Union Leader, 5/11/2013 – Dr. Richard Liu of Portsmouth returned recently from speaking at an international dental conference off the coast of South Korea. Read more

Don’t be afraid of dentists

By Dr. James Hanley for CNNOpinion, 4/3/2013 – It is disheartening and alarming to learn that as many as 7,000 patients are at risk of serious, life-threatening infections because of dentist W. Scott Harrington’s alleged failure to follow “standard infection control guidelines” at his practice in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, suburb. Read more

Professor Turns to Rap to Reach Students (video)

Boston Globe, 2/3/2013 – He is a stem cell researcher, and a college professor who helps freshmen negotiate the tricky ethical questions of science. But Professor Jonathan Garlick has earned notoriety among the scientific community, and with his students, as the Stem Cell Rapper. In his classes, the balding, bespectacled 60-year-old cranks a karaoke machine and raps out lyrics about science and society to music made popular by Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Sir Mix-a-Lot. Watch the video

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