CE Travel

20th Annual Seminar at Sea The University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry

February 22 – March 1, 2015 | Register | More Information
Presented by HOWARD I. HOLMES

Oral Surgery Demystified plus a a potpourri of updates:

  • Bisphosphonates and jaw problems – “What do I do?”
  • Novel methods for removing teeth and roots without flaps
  • My patient has a numb lip or tongue—“How do I proceed now?”

Iceland CE Land Tour

March 4-9, 2015  | Register | More Information
Presented by PARAG R. KACHALIA

This program will look at a broad spectrum of restorative materials available today. Over the course of the last 5 years there has been an explosion in the number of restorative materials that are available to the practitioner. Years ago the practitioner was simply asked to pick between amalgam, ceramo-metal restorations and gold. Today’s practitioner must consider the various generations of bonding agents, composites, ceramics, cements, etc. The course will allow the practitioner to sift through the confusing maze of materials and decide which materials are most appropriate for a multitude or restorative situations.

Passport to Continuing Dental Education—Ireland Golf, Tours, and a Wee Bit of CE

July 17-26, 2015 | Register
Presented by University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Join us in enchanting Ireland on this exciting 9-day tour! The trip will involve ample opportunities for golf, sightseeing (including castles!), fun for the whole family, and amazing vistas. Visit our website for details on the course itinerary, which will include historic sites like Dublin, Kilkenny, Killarney, the Blarney Castle, The Cliffs of Moher, and much more!