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Fall 2014 Courses

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Early Treatment Of Children And Segmental Orthodontic Mechanics For Adults – A Postural Approach

Sept. 26-27

Dr. Waldemar Brehm Continuing Education Lectureship – “The Mix”: Mixed Dentition Orthodontics Seminar
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October 1

A Full Day of Pharma: “Hurts So Good” and “I Wanna New Drug”

Oct. 3

Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation Course (Session I)

Oct. 3-4

Removable Prostheses: From A to Z!

Oct. 8

Pushing the Envelope with Stress-Reduced Direct Composite Restorations: A Biomimetic Approach

Oct. 11

Porcelain Laminate Veneers: From Design to Delivery

Oct. 15

Tufts First Annual Craniofacial Face Pain Symposium

Oct. 18

Optimizing Periodontal Non-Surgical Therapy

Oct. 22

Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency (Session I)

Oct. 23-25

Supportive Periodontal and Peri-Implant Care: Risks and Treatment Recommendations

Oct. 29

Advances in Composite Dentistry: A Blend of Artistry, Materials, and Technique Nov. 6
Dr. Herbert I. Margolis Lectureship – Class II Malocclusion From Beginning To End

Nov. 7

Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation Course (Session II)


Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers: An All-Inclusive Cosmetic Course

Nov. 8

“Offensive” Dentistry: Saliva, Fluoride, and Oral Disease

Nov. 12

Orthodontics for General Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants

Nov. 14

Efficient and Predictable Use of Mouthguards in Dentistry

Nov. 15

Preventive Measures in Dentistry—Dental Sealants, Fluoride Varnishes, and Athletic Mouth Protectors (Mouthguards)

Nov. 19

Oral Appliance Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: An Advanced Hands-on Course

Nov. 22

Green Dentistry: Making a Difference in Your Practice and Community

Dec. 3

Best Practices for Leveraging Social Media to Engage Patients

Dec. 3

Adhesive Dentistry and Direct Composites Made Easy

Dec. 6

TADS: From Enthusiasm to Frustration

Dec. 5-6

Continuing Education in the Virgin Islands
Travel & Learn

Jan. 2-4, 2015

Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency (Session II)

Jan. 8-10, 2015

Executive Leadership Academy (Module I)

Jan. 22-24, 2015

20th Annual Seminar at Sea The University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry
Travel & Learn

February 22 – March 1, 2015

Iceland CE Land Tour
Travel & Learn

March 4-9, 2015

Executive Leadership Academy (Module II)

Mar 20-21, 2015

Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency (Session III)

Apr.30 – May 2, 2015

Executive Leadership Academy (Module III)

May 8-9, 2015

Passport to Continuing Dental Education—Ireland Golf, Tours, and a Wee Bit of CE
Travel & Learn

July 17-26, 2015

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