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Service and a Smile

The award-winning staff at Tufts Dental Facilities of West Springfield provide care to those who might not otherwise

receive it

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Education with Byte

A computer game project headed by Jenny Citrin, D14, will help kids teach kids about oral health

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Shoji’s Heart

When he learned he needed a transplant, his world changed—but his determination to stay in school did not

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Culture of Understanding

A decade ago, the Institute of Medicine released a comprehensive report about racial and ethnic disparities in U.S. health care, suggesting that “clinical uncertainty” on the part of health-care providers treating patients from an unfamiliar background could lead to lower quality care. Training providers in how to communicate with and care for these patients—a skill more »

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More Care, More Disease

Despite receiving oral health care twice as often as most Americans with dental insurance, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities tend to lose their teeth at an earlier age and have more severe gum disease, according to a Tufts study that takes an unprecedented look at this understudied population.

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Office Treasures: Dino Man

In this continuing series, we visit the office of Stanley Alexander, D75A, professor and chair of pediatric dentistry at the School of Dental Medicine.
Stanley Alexander was just four when his parents first took him to a place known for its drama and majesty, the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. more »

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Raising the Dead

Horticulturist Louis Ricciardiello, D78, DG82, tends a noxious niche: the night-stalking corpse flower
It’s hard to predict when an Amorphophallus titanum will make its move. It could take a couple years; then again, it could be decades. But it is almost always—appropriately—at night. Then the single, giant bloom, which can tower over a full-grown more »

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Dental professor turns to rap to reach students (Boston Globe)

Dental professor Jonathan Garlick uses rap music to “break down” complex science and connect with students.

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Judging from a Ringside Seat

Clark Sammartino’s hard-hitting avocation has taken him around the world with some of the biggest names in boxing
Let’s get the obvious question out of the way: No, Clark Sammartino, D64, DG66, doesn’t see any irony in being a retired oral surgeon with a passion for a sport where people hit each other in more »

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Renaissance Man

D.M.D./M.S. student takes on the roles of researcher, inventor, teacher, advocate
When Nicholas Bello was a high school sophomore, he founded a science club whose 40 members built rockets. Their ships never left the ground, though—it was post-9/11 New York, and the students couldn’t get FAA clearance to launch their craft over their school more »

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