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Shoji’s Heart

When he learned he needed a transplant, his world changed—but his determination to stay in school did not

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Spotlight on Dr. Bjorn Steffensen

Ask Dr. Bjorn Steffensen how he came to work at TUSDM, and he laughs.
“That’s a very long story,” he said.

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Looking Ahead: The TUSDM Town Hall Meetings

TUSDM faculty and staff had the opportunity engage with the school’s leadership and receive information about major school initiatives during the school’s Town Hall meetings this month.

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Spotlight on Dr. Nicole Holland

When it comes to patient care, according to Dr. Nicole Holland, communication is key.

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Tufts Dental Facilities Bring Care and Comfort

See coverage from WWLP-22News on the grand opening of the Tufts Dental Facility in West Springfield.

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Don’t Forget Your Coat

TUSDM students had a chance to reflect and celebrate their entrance into the health professions this fall with the TUSDM White Coat Ceremonies for the D16 and D17 classes.

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Second Chances: The DOTS Program and Dr. Kanchan Ganda

Dr. Kanchan Ganda is no stranger to second chances.

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MCPHS University Clinic named for TUSDM alumn

MCPHS University honored Dr. Esther M. Wilkins, D49, DG66, Clinical Professor in the Department of Periodontology, on September 17 at the Grand Opening of the Forsyth Dental Hygiene Clinic at MCPHS – Worcester Campus. (Photo: Randall Garnick/Garnick Moore Photographers)

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TUSDM debates medical ethics, education and research in Henrietta Lacks

This year, the TUSDM community learns that there is such a thing as immortality.

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New Director of Interprofessional Education Appointed

She may not be a dentist, but Dr. Ellen Patterson already feels right at home.
“My arrival at Tufts was serendipitous.  I’m not sure Tufts was looking for me, or me for Tufts, but I think it’s working out to be a good fit, personally and professionally.”

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