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Assessing the CODA Standards in Medicine III

With the 21st Century workplace transformation, through technologies, collaboration, and globalization, institutions are faced with the challenge of preparing students for an interactive environment. The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) released standards for dental education institutions based on these new workplace skills: communication, teamwork, critical thinking, self-assessment and ethics and professionalism.

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Bates Day: BYOD Peer Engagement

Bates Day is a tradition at TUSDM, held every March celebrating research, is an opportunity for students to share their projects and accomplishments with the Tufts Community. This year, TUSDM is adding an additional opportunity for visitors to engage with students and their research projects by adding “BYOD Peer Engagement” to the program. more »

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Training and Development: 2 Sessions Coming Up!

The Down and Dirty on Creating Great Test Questions and 
Team-Based Learning (TBL): Strategies Using Learning Catalytics

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Recently, Tufts University launched a new benefit for faculty! We now have access to, an online subscription library that teaches the latest software, creative, and business skills through high-quality instructional videos. The Online Training Library provides access to thousands of hours of just-in-time training for Tufts users, all free of charge, 24-hours more »

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Engaging Students in the New Wellness Curriculum

By Dr. Christina Pastan and Jennipher Murphy
Faculty members at TUSDM continue to engage students in new ways using an online assessment tool, giving both faculty and students immediate feedback. This shift centers on an active learning and constructivist approach where learning and teaching perspectives represent a shift from viewing learners as more »

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ADEA Commission on Change and Innovation (CCI) Report

By Dr. Wai Cheung and Jennipher Murphy
The conference focused on assessing the new CODA standards in dental education. The CCI planning staff demonstrated active learning by “flipping” our conference and had attendees complete a homework assignment before arriving to the meeting. It was important to lay the foundation for understanding the various levels more »

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Students and Faculty Face-off in Mock Fluoride Debate

By Emma Johnson
As part of the Oral Health Promotion course on March 19, two groups presented mock debates on water fluoridation. The debate mimicked a typical community public meeting (complete with audience members shouting support or vitriol at the presenters), and presented arguments for and against community water fluoridation.

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Catalyze Interactive Teaching Using Learning Catalytics

When: Tuesday, May 19th

Time: 11:00a.m.- 2:00p.m.

Where: Sackler Room 114, Boston, MA

Lunch will be provided

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Faculty Engaging Students in New Ways

Research suggests when students are sitting in a traditional lecture their attention span is focused for only 15 minutes (Prince, 2004) and then they can become bored.  “Students can read and learn information on their own, but they need instructors to act as coaches and mentors to stimulate and challenge their thinking, guide more »

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Pilot Course Update

TUSDM introduced a new course for fall 2014 called the Basic Science/Clinical Science Spiral Seminar Series (BaSiCSsss) which is one initiative that is representative of the new 2020 Tufts Oral Health Curriculum.

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