Early Treatment Of Children And Segmental Orthodontic Mechanics For Adults – A Postural Approach

Hands On Course – Class Size Limited

  • Dates: September 26 and 27
  • Times: Fri., 8:30am–5:30pm;
    Sat., 8:00am–4:30pm
  • Tuition: $295 per day or $495 for both days
  • Credit:Up to 15.5 Hours – Participation
  • AGD Code: 370,371
  • Course #: H3

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DR. MARCEL KORN, D.M.D., Associate Clinical Professor, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics, Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, member and president of the Angle Society of Orthodontists.


This two day presentation will discuss a “Postural Philosophy” of treatment planning for the early treatment of children and the treatment of adults. Bi-dimensional and Segmental Mechanics will be described and defended. The utilization of the musculature, muscular training, and Removable Anchorage Devices (RADS) in treatment will be described through the examination of cases.

Participants may attend both days or chose to attend Day One or Day Two only.

Day One:  Early Treatment and Redirection of Eruption with an Alternative and Postural Approach

This presentation will discuss an efficient and effective early treatment protocol during the middle mixed dentition period of development. The most common problems of Class I (crowding, deep overbite), and Class II will be managed during the eruption phase of growth and development. Eruption science, redirection of eruption, molar rotation, muscular training, and new research will be described.

Many prominent academics have been vocal antagonists of “Two Phase Early Treatment.” The objective of this presentation is to defend an “alternative and postural early treatment approach,” by utilizing the treatment of cases and supported with research projects at Tufts and Aarhus, Denmark.

Hands-On Participation with appliance fabrication will follow the lecture segment, and will include:

    • Lip Bumpers
    • Bite Plane
    • Molar Rotators
    • Mini-Jig
    • Sectional-segmental Wire
    • Utility Arches

Day Two: Adult Treatment with Bi-dimensional and Segmental Mechanics, Employing a Postural Approach

This presentation will discuss an alternative treatment method called “Postural, Bi-dimensional, and Segmental Orthodontics.” A non-surgical approach to treatment will be described where the musculature is brought into play and a group of modular functional devices and segmental wires are employed to manage permanent dentition malocclusions, adult malocclusions, surgical, and TMD situations.

Modern dentists have many high-tech orthodontic systems to choose from, and wire bending techniques have declined over time. However, there is still significant value in this “old school” approach, as this course will demonstrate. In addition to practicing wire bending, participants will be exposed to a muscular-postural approach, along with the concepts of disocclusion and removable anchorage.

Hands-On Participation with appliance fabrication will follow the lecture segment, and will include:

    • Modular Appliances, (RADS) Removable Anchorage Devices
    • Bi-dimensional, Segmental Mechanics
    • Sectional Wire Fabrication
    • Mandibular Reposturing
    • TMJ and TMD Treatment