TUSDM Faculty Members Hosting Workshops at TWT Symposium

Please mark your calendars and plan on attending the Teaching with Technology Symposium coming May 21 & 22 on the Medford campus.

Why attend?

It is a great way to show your support for TUSDM faculty! This year, TUSDM will have 3 faculty members hosting workshops at the two day symposium. In addition, there is a faculty award ceremony for technology innovations where students have nominated faculty whom they feel have used technology to improve learning. Last year, there were a number of TUSDM faculty acknowledged for this award.

Here are the details (more to follow):

Team Based and Formative Assessment ToolsDr. Aruna Ramesh and Dr. Rumpa Ganguly on Wednesday May 21, 2:00-2:45

Description: Presenters will discuss formative assessment strategies and how they used the tools and data to facilitate both team based assessment and self-assessment in lecture and clinical courses. Two tools will be introduced: Qualtrics (survey tool) and Learning Catalytics (web-based clicker).

Implementing Active Learning Strategies with Guest Lecturers Kathryn Dolan on Thursday May 22, 2:45-3:30

Description: Moving away from the standard lecture format, where learning is more passive is difficult when integrating curriculum and coordinating guest lecturers. Research shows that involving students in learning and requiring them to actively construct their understanding enhances learner engagement and improves retention of information. In this workshop, the presenter will discuss how they involved guest lecturers in active learning strategies and provided continuity in the implementation process. They will also discuss the results: increase in student engagement, critical thinking and reflection. Tools to be discussed: TUSK Online Quiz Tool, TRUNK Assignment Tool, Live Debate

Professional development is on-going, experiential and collaborative. There will be many other workshops to choose from so plan on attending!!

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