Interactive Strategy Increases Participation

TUSKInteractive strategies can help faculty facilitate student attendance, participation and inquiry!

Interactive strategies can help faculty get students to class even without relying on taking attendance! These strategies can also assist in creating opportunities for participation and inquiry. In Microbiology, Kathryn Dolan is trying one interactive strategy: adding formative assessments to the lectures. These assessments are being delivered via the TUSK quiz tool and are populated at a set time during both her lectures and guest lectures. In addition, she gives a grade for each quiz to encourage students to attend class but keeps it “open book” allowing students to refer to their notes or track a resource down on the web. This strategy seems to decrease anxiety levels and allows students an opportunity to review their notes and critically think about the answer instead of memorizing information. For additional motivation, she will be including a number of the questions on the exams and the results are accessible right away so faculty could adjust their lecture to ensure students comprehend the content before moving forward.

The results so far? Students are interacting more with faculty and are becoming less shy about raising their hand. They have commented that they use the quizzes as a study tool. Guest lecturers are loving it and Kathy likes getting the immediate results and says attendance has increased from 20-30 students to more than 100!

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