Crown Lengthening Workshop

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TIMOTHY HEMPTON, DDS Director of Postdoctoral Periodontology, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Crown lengthening procedures may be provided in order to facilitate restorative therapy and/or improve esthetics. The morning session of this course will be a lecture reviewing the indications, contraindications, techniques and postoperative management for functional and esthetic crown lengthening surgery. Various clinical cases will be presented in order to review flap design, osseous management, suturing techniques and postoperative protocols for periodontal surgery.

The afternoon session of the course includes the hands-on component of the program. A posterior plastic typodont, which includes a fractured maxillary premolar as well as osseous deformities, will be provided to each participant. Utilizing the model to simulate a functional crown lengthening procedure, the participant will learn how to make incisions, provide osseous resection to eliminate bone deformities for pocket reduction, expose a fractured tooth and suture periodontal flaps.

Learning objectives:

  • Indications and contraindications for crown lengthening
  • How to design a flap for a crown lengthening surgical procedure
  • How to develop an adequate biologic for a restorative therapy
  • Utilize ostectomy and osteoplasty to achieve adequate tooth exposure
  • Utilize ostectomy and osteoplasty to eliminate osseous deformities
  • Apically position a flap with periosteal sutures
  • Provide postoperative management for periodontal surgery