Esthetic Options and Outcomes with Dental Implants: A History and Technology Update

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ROYA ZANDPARSA, D.D.S., M.SC., D.M.D Clinical Professor, Department of Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Dental implants have been available for years, yet to date many dental practices do not present this treatment option to their patients. This course is designed to allow the dental professional to investigate all potential treatment options prior to initiating a treatment plan and then achieve exceptional outcomes.

Participants will receive a thorough overview of surgical and restorative materials, implant surfaces, membranes and various bone regeneration options. All aspects of establishing a diagnosis and proper treatment plan, as well as sequencing the treatment, will be presented in order to provide a framework for successful implant dentistry. To further build a plan for incorporating this treatment option into practice, a discussion and review of the “dos and don’ts” will be reviewed using different case studies. This program will also include an update of all the new technologies and an interactive, hands-on exercise with implant-supported prosthesis.

With patients requiring highly esthetic outcomes, in conjunction with the advancements in materials and restorative options, the demand for this treatment will only increase.

Learning objectives:

  • Fundamentals of treatment planning with dental implants
  • Patient selection for successful outcomes
  • Understanding patient expectations and case presentation
  • Prosthetic options based on patient needs
  • When to utilize computer treatment planning to enhance treatment outcomes
  • Pre-prosthetic considerations prior to initiating treatment
  • Determining proper implant/abutment selection
  • Occlusal considerations for implant prosthetic designs
  • Complications and the three primary types of failure
  • Criteria for success