New Technology Tool Available to Year Two Faculty

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Dr. Michael Kahn is piloting Learning Catalytics in the year two Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology course this fall. The enrollment fee has already been paid which means that other year two faculty are welcome to try the tool anytime during the 2013-2014 academic year.

What is Learning Catalytics (LC)? LC is an online assessment tool that students access with their smartphone, laptop or tablet. It is similar to Clickers, faculty pose questions to students and students respond in class, but LC is a much more robust assessment tool. It offers a variety of assessment options, enhanced graphics and it is much easier to use.

Initial observations from Dr. Kahn:

  • Seems to improve student’s critical thinking skills, ability to recall and enhance understanding of how the facts/knowledge can be applied in dentistry to further their competency.
  • Provides valuable information to the instructor about what facts and concepts the students just heard but still do not truly understand.
  • Accessible after class so students can re-read information and responses.
  • Class attendance and participation has increased.
  • Students enjoy using the tool!

It is easy to get started. Send me an email and give me the details about your course and how you want to implement in your curriculum. I would be happy to demonstrate the tool, give feedback on your plan and/or get you set-up!