Easier, Safer Preparation Technique for Aesthetic Veneers Using Ultrasonic Instruments: New Concept, New Instrumentation

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Vincent Bennani, D.D.S., Ph.D. is a Prosthodontist and holds certifications in Advanced Prosthodontics and in Advanced Implantology

This research evidence based course will introduce the use of ultrasonic instruments for anterior teeth preparation and non-traumatic soft tissue retraction in aesthetic dentistry.  The program is designed to demonstrate the advantages of ultrasonic instruments   in fixed prosthodontics especially for non-traumatic and accurate margins’ placement in the aesthetic zone. Utilization of these instruments for full coverage and partial veneers preparation will be demonstrated.

Participants will be using these US instruments on models to place different finishing lines as well as preparing anterior teeth for veneers. Soft tissue retraction using a non-traumatic retraction paste will also be demonstrated.

The lecture will address the following:

  • Ultrasonics in Fixed prosthodontics/Review of the literature.
  • US instruments versus rotary instruments for fixed prosthodontics.
  • Margins accuracy
  • Implications on tooth surface and bonding quality.
  • Implications on aesthetics

Teeth preparation in the aesthetic zone

  • Finishing lines and aesthetic
  • Finishing lines and periodontium
  • Preparation techniques for aesthetics veneers: axial versus rotational path of insertion.

Soft tissue management and impressions

  • Fluid control and gingival retraction. Techniques, indications and limitations
  • How to control the gingival margin level during prosthodontics treatment in the aesthetics zone
  • As clear as it is comprehensive, this presentation will be invaluable to the general dentist and the specialist
  • Using ultra sonic inserts for fixed preparation, retraction paste, and simulation models, the hands-on portion of the day will include the following:
    • Description of the ultrasonic inserts for fixed prosthodontics and the rationale behind this instrumentation.
    • Placement of different finishing lines using the   instrumentation on
    • simulation models.
    • Preparation for veneers from teeth 5 to 12 for a rotational
    • path of insertion on simulation models.
    • Soft tissue management using a non-traumatic retraction paste on simulation models.

Learning Objectives

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the huge potential of ultra sonic instrumentation in aesthetic fixed prosthodontics
  • Achieve easier and more predictable veneers preparation for the GP
  • Establish non traumatic and precise finish lines to enhance soft tissue response
  • Increase aesthetics outcomes with veneers treatment

This course is supported in part by Satelec, Pierre Roland, and Nissin.