Current Restorative Dentistry – an Update

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Current Restorative Dentistry – an Update

JOHN O. BURGESS, M.S., D.M.D. Assistant Dean for Clinical Research and Director of the Graduate Biomaterials Program, University of Alabama, Birmingham

This clinically oriented discussion compares traditional and newly developed dental restorative materials and shows their clinical success. The course is designed to improve your practice of dentistry by demonstrating which materials work, where they are successful, and demonstrate techniques to successfully handle many of your everyday clinical problems. It will not solve staffing problems, provide instant financial success, eliminate the recession, nor promote weight loss, but it will provide an evidence-based approach to many controversies surrounding clinical dentistry.

Participants will understand why dental materials work rather than hear, “it works for me.”

The results of clinical trials and laboratory studies comparing Universal Adhesives, bulk placed composite resins, glass ionomers, vital pulp therapy, cements and ceramic materials will be presented and discussed to illustrate when and where different restorative materials should be used. This fast-paced course will improve your dental practice as well as your selection of dental materials and is designed to provide information that can be used the following clinic day.

Learning objectives

  • Learn which universal adhesives are most effective and how to apply them in a step-by-step sequence.
  • Discover the limits of self-etching materials, what happens when they are contaminated, how to correct those problems and prevent the disaster of contamination
  • Select the proper composite resin kit for bulk placement and curing for posterior applications.
  • See long term clinical results on bulk fill posterior composite resins
  • Learn which vital pulp treatment is best and why these materials work
  • See aggressive treatment of the high caries risk patient.
  • Learn what ceramic is best in every application- full contour zirconia is in your future.
  • Discover whether cements are most effective and work easiest with all ceramic materials