Optimizing Periodontal Non-surgical Therapy: A Hands-On Instrumentation Course

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Daniel Coleman

Paul Levi

Eduardo Marcuschamer

Patricia Cohen

This course will provide an in-depth format for providing effective disease control periodontal therapy, including hands-on techniques in periodontal probing and calculus detection. Topics to be covered will include:  the etiology of periodontal disease and motivation of the periodontal patient to control plaque; the connection between periodontitis and systemic disease; treatment planning and the sequencing of appointments for scaling and root planing. In addition, the rationale of periodontal hand instrumentation will be presented utilizing classical and innovative hand instruments, and the use of systemic and local delivery of antibiotics as adjuncts in the treatment of periodontitis will be discussed.

Hands-on use of the curettes and instrument sharpening will be presented. A comprehensive discussion and hands-on use of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric power scalers will take place. Appropriate tip design and selection will be discussed and participants will have the opportunity to use a variety of tips.

The hands-on portion will include:

  • Pocket  measurement and calculus detection on a novel dental model
  • Instrument sharpening
  • Hand instruments for root debridement
  • Use of Ultrasonic Scalers-both Magnetostrictive and Piezoelectric

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how to implement a successful disease control hygiene program and the rationale behind it
  • Understand the diagnostics of periodontal problems and up-to-date techniques in removing the etiology of periodontal disease.