Investing Well for the Long Run: How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

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James B. Jackson, D.D.S., C.F.P.  After spending 25 years as a pediatric dentist, Dr. James B. Jackson embarked on his 30-year career as an investment advisor and financial planner. He is the President and founder of JBJ Investment Partners, LLC, a financial planning and registered investment advisory firm in Charleston, South Carolina that specializes in wealth management for dentists, physicians, and other medical professionals.

Dr. Jackson is a Certified Financial Planner and has authored numerous articles and books, including the forthcoming No One Loves Your Money Like You Do, and has received many honors including the Commendation of the ADA Officers and Trustees in 1990 for his work as author, seminar presenter, and consultant.

Most people spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do planning their entire financial lives, and the average retirement plan all too often results in a very below average retirement. This program is designed to help today’s dental professional navigate today’s murky economic waters and reach an island of financial independence.

Most dental professionals recognize the critical need to plan effectively for a financially secure retirement. Social Security will, at best, meet only a small portion of our retirement income requirements. Investing in the 21st century will be very profitable for those who use the proper signals to move their assets to the best playing field. Staying out of trouble with proper portfolio asset allocation will provide an advantage over the average investor.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply tools and concepts needed to develop short- and long-term investing skills.
  • Understand methods for  setting up all-weather portfolios to assure enough capital accumulation for achievement of your financial goals.
  •  Determine and make adjustments to a prudent asset allocation plan.
  • Understand strategic options for building college funds.
  • Maximize   financial assets during retirement years.
  •  Recognize how today’s unique political, fiscal, and economic issues will impact your ability to reach important financial milestones.