Get Ready to Master the Codes, Get More New Patients and Simplify Reimbursement!

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TOM LIMOLI, Jr.  Mr. Limoli is an expert on proper coding and administration of dental insurance benefit claims. He serves as president of Limoli and Associates, a company that has assisted dental offices in streamlining the insurance reimbursement process for over 25 years.  His no-nonsense approach to the management of third-party reimbursement has been successfully implemented in thousands of dental practices across the country.

PENNY LIMOLI, B.B.A. has been working with dentists and their teams nationwide since 1992. With extensive experience in dental practice management and coaching, she is adept at helping dental practitioners achieve a new measure of success and provide the tools, training and support needed to make that success the new standard in your practice.  She is co-owner of Limoli & Associates.

Here are three questions for you to consider as we prepare to enter the second half of 2013:

  1. Is your patients’ insurance helping or hurting your appointment book?
  2. Are you making money as well as financial headway by being either “in” or “out” of network?
  3. Is PPO participation, or the lack of it, costing or making money for you?

This course will help to ensure that  you and administrative staff are knowledgeable on the most utilized dental codes.  What code to use and when usually occurs in the clinical area, where the procedures are observed.  Although the dentist is ultimately accountable for what is charged as well as billed, all team members will benefit from gaining a better understanding of this important practice issue.  The main focus of this workshop will be dental reimbursement.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Upcoming code changes
  • A review of the most popular dental codes
  • How to efficiently verify dental benefits and greatly reduce telephone calls to insurance companies
  • Best practices for estimating patient’s out-of-pocket expenses
  • Effective clinical documentation and communication from clinical team to administrative team

This course will also teach participants the verbal skills and systems needed by your team to grow your practice further.  By adopting these effective skills, your office staff will be able to convert new patient telephone inquiries into scheduled patients who show up for their appointments.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Grow your practice by converting new patient callers into scheduled appointments and more importantly, patients in the chair
  • Discover how to streamline the reimbursement process and get back to practicing dentistry
  • Learn accurate coding for stress-free documentation and reimbursement