Efficient and Predictable Use of Mouth Guards in Dentistry

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NOSHIR R. MEHTA, B.D.S., D.M.D., M.D.S., M.S. Professor, Department of General Dentistry; Associate Dean for International Relations, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Have you ever had mouth guards that have not been effective for your patient? Have you ever had a patient complain that they cannot get accustomed to the mouth guard?

This course is an overview of the state of the science in the use of mouth guards in dentistry. Specifically, the use of mouth guards for Bruxism, dental bleach­ing, sports protection, sleep disorders and Temporo­mandibular disorders will be discussed. The steps of laboratory fabrication, and insertion and adjustment for different muscle and joint balance will also be discussed. Finally, the concept of three-dimensional arch stability using dental guards will be presented.

Learning objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, partici­pants will be able to:

  • Understand when and why to use a dental guard
  • Decide on the type of dental guard for the indi­vidual patient
  • Understand which appliance would work better for the individual being treated
  • Understand how to activate and balance an appli­ance for the precise symptoms for which the patient is being treated
  • Incorporate appliance therapy into an interdisci­plinary treatment regime
  • Recognize when and how to combine appliance therapy for patients in pain as well as patients with sleep apnea