Honos Civicus Society Inducts Health Sciences Students

Graduating students, who have been involved as active citizens during their graduate degrees, were inducted into the Tisch College Honos Civicus Society at a special ceremony in the Alumni Lounge of the Dental School. (Ian MacLellan for Tufts University)

The Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, School of Medicine and Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service celebrated community action and engagement this month during the Honos Civicus Society Induction Ceremony for graduating seniors.

The three schools began planning the ceremony this past fall to honor and publicly recognize graduating dental and medical students who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to community service and civic engagement during their studies at Tufts. The inaugural induction ceremony, which took place on May 1 in the Alumni Lounge, recognized 45 students- 23 from the School of Dental Medicine and 22 from the School of Medicine- who met the criteria.

“We were looking at the amount of activities students participated in, the consistency of participation of those activities, and active leadership within those activities,” said Associate Professor Dr. John Morgan of the Department of Public Health and Community Service. “These are students who were creating programs and who were concerned with their sustainability for the next group of students.”

Several prominent members of the university spoke at the ceremony, including Tufts University President Anthony Monaco, Dean Nancy Wilson of Tisch College, Deans Huw Thomas of the School of Dental Medicine and Harris Berman of the School of Medicine, and several members of the faculty and alumni association. President Monaco said the group of inductees had made a significant impact on society.

“All of you have made differences in the lives of individuals and improved opportunities for medical and dental care,” he said. “Your service has been a profound opportunity for education as well. You have learned about the connections between race, socioeconomic class and healthcare disparities. You have gained knowledge and wisdom from your faculty, your patients, community members and each other.”

Danielle Currier, D13, of the School of Dental Medicine, as well as Jonathan Brower and Michael Kwak, M13, of the School of Medicine also received the Presidential Award for Citizenship and Public Service during the ceremony. Currier said active engagement can mean working either globally or locally.

“Being an active citizen means contributing to society wherever you are, whether that’s on your block or across borders,” said Currier. “Your voice can travel farther than your body, and your influence is greater than just where you are physically.”

The activities students were involved in varied in scope and location, from The Sharewood Project, a free health care organization run by Tufts medical students and physicians, to the Lynn Friendship Center for Intellectually Disabled Adults, to Partners in Health, Rwanda. Dr. Morgan said that the range of organizations represented among the inductees demonstrates the supreme impact of their work. In addition, the collaboration between the School of Dental Medicine, the School of Medicine and Tisch College to create the Honos Civicus Society and the inaugural ceremony was extremely beneficial in fostering better relations between the three schools, according to Dr. Morgan.

“[Community service] is a core value of our university,” he said. “That carries through to all the schools. From the first day I came here I saw that commitment. While we were collaborating on this, we saw other projects and ideas that are similar to ones the medical school has. There are opportunities to share ideas and processes with them.”

The Honos Civicus Society was created in 2009 by Tisch College to recognize graduating students on both an undergraduate and graduate level for their commitment as active citizens. To be accepted into the Society, students must complete an application including questions on academic work, co-curricular work and an open essay. The 2013 Honos Civicus Society Inductees were:

School of Dental Medicine

C. Marissa Alikpala, D13

Lindsey Brangwynne, D13

Diego Camacho, D13

Danielle Currier, D13

Patricia Domings, D13

Helen Fassil, D13

Sarah Greenlaw, D13

Emily Joseph, D13

Gregory Josephsen, D13

Jennifer Kusner, D13

Gregory Lane, D13

Rachel McKee, D13

Rachel Misuraca, D13

Lauren Murphy, D13

Michael Neglia, D13

Laura Rein, D13

Erica Stutius, D13

Elissa Teasdale, D13

Denise Tong, D13

Vincent Trinidad, D13

Daniela Urciuoli, D13

Carlin Weaver, D13

Julie Williams, D13

School of Medicine

Shauna Hutchinson Andersson, M13

Heather Bradford, M13

Graham Brant-Zawadzki, M13

Jonathan Brower, M13

Sarah Cairo, M13

Amy Chong, M13

Lily Conover, M13

Molly Douglas, M13

Susan Eklund, M13

Colleen Fant, M13

Sally Greenwald, M13

Michael Hemond, M13

Christina Johnson, M13

Kunal Kothari, M13

Michael Kwak, M13

Jacqueline Latina, M13

Kathleen McKenna, M13

Adam Nadolski, M13

Anoop Raman, M13

Moira Rashid, M13

Vicky Reichman, M13

Matthew Shepard, M13