Supporting Tufts Dental School

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Since its founding in 1868, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine has been committed to education, research and patient care. Today it is the second-largest dental school in the country and its reputation for excellence in dental education and patient care extends around the world.

Changes in dental technology, methods of teaching and the dental-health-care delivery system mandate a continuous critical review of curriculum, programs and research efforts to ensure that the school develops in tempo with these changes and continues to lead the profession. Changes also require financial support.

Only with the support of alumni/ae and friends can the School of Dental Medicine meet the challenges of rapid change and an ambitious agenda for the future.

Ways to Give: 

One student at a time…

The price tag for educating our students, supporting faculty research, maintaining and enhancing Tufts Dental’s classrooms and clinical facilities is considerable – more than $50 million each year.

In this context, it’s hard sometimes to believe that individual giving can make a difference, but it can – and at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, it does. In fact, Tufts Dental (annual giving reached almost $1.4 million) – a significant sum in any context

Think of it this way: one gift at a time, one student at a time. It all adds up.

Knowledge passes from hand to hand

So much of what all of us – faculty, staff, alumni and friends – have worked together to achieve is in full view at the Tufts Dental clinics. Here, Tufts Dental’s 350 faculty members – about half of whom work on a volunteer basis – bring their years of experience and areas of specialization to today’s students. In a time when the dental profession is facing an increasing shortage of faculty, due to retirement or entry into private practice, new faculty positions were created last year, and filled. Recruitment, development and retention of faculty are priorities at Tufts.

We form a committed community

At the same time, many of Tufts Dental’s students, inspired by the excellence of teaching they have received, are demonstrating their own commitment to academic research, teaching, and mentoring, as Tufts Dental strives to build a solid research program while maintaining our leadership in clinical education and patient care. As we continue to integrate teaching and research, new opportunities for cross-school and interdisciplinary collaboration knit together Tufts’ professional schools, and DMD students are now able to pursue an MPH at the same time they are attending the Dental School. President Bacow has said that “we are a community committed to producing active, engaged and effective citizens who make the world better through their work.” Tufts Dental alumni and friends are an integral part of that community.

Providing financial support through The Tufts Dental Fund helps the School maintain facilities and programs – and with upwards of 89% of students seeking financial aid, The Tufts Dental Fund plays a crucial role in providing the means to help make possible the decision for many to pursue a postgraduate education and follow their vocation into teaching.

This year Tufts Dental received 4,344 applications for admission – the highest number in 27 years. A large part of our success derives from the involvement of Tufts Dental alumni and friends, who consistently, and generously, offer their time, their knowledge, and their support. They too are at the heart of a Tufts Dental education.