Online Exit Counseling for Tufts Loan, HPSL, LDS or Perkins Loan

Students who have received Tufts Loan, Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL), Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDS) or Federal Perkins Loan while enrolled at Tufts are required to complete an online exit counseling session for these specific loans. Repayment of these loans is managed by Tufts University’s Student Loan Office which is part of the Student Financial Services Department on Tufts’ Medford campus. Tufts contracts with a third party loan servicer, University Accounting Services (UAS), who services these loans on Tufts’ behalf. UAS merely acts as a billing agent and can process deferment forms for Perkins, HPSL or LDS loans. For Tufts Loan deferment, requests for forbearance or to request a change in your repayment schedule on Tufts Loan, Perkins, HPSL or LDS you must contact the Tufts Student Loan Office ( or 617-627-4605). Changes of address can either be given to UAS or the Tufts Student Loan Office.

Students who must complete an online exit session for Tufts Loan, HPSL, LDS or Perkins Loan receive an instructional email from UAS that provides the link to begin the online session. You may also access the online session by going to You may also access the online session by going to

Click here to access Tufts Loan, HPSL, LDS or Perkins Loan account information managed by University Accounting Services (UAS)

If you’ve received a Tufts Loan and wish to postpone payment because you are enrolled in-school at least half time, participating in an internship or residency or are experiencing financial hardship, click here for a Tufts Loan Deferment Form. (Note: Only Tufts Loans borrowed after 7/1/2007 are eligible for in-school or internship/residency deferment. Borrowers with Tufts Loans borrowed prior to that day can apply for financial hardship deferment).