Financial Aid for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents (DMD, DIS)

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The Financial Aid Office provides all students with financial aid application packet on an annual basis. Packets are distributed shortly after January 1st each year and include complete instructions on applying for financial aid for the upcoming academic year. Paper documents are available to download in the drop down menus below.

As a graduate/professional student, you are considered “independent” when applying for most federal student financial aid programs. However, some federal and institutional financial aid programs require the student to submit parental financial information as part of the student’s financial aid application requirements. Students are not required to submit parental financial information if they do not intend to apply for financial aid programs which require submission of such information.

Financial aid application procedures are outlined in the Financial Aid Manual which is included in financial aid application packets. All financial aid applicants must read the manual prior to the completion of any application forms. Applicants can refer to the Financial Aid Application Checklist for a summary of the required forms as well.

All forms and instructions can be accessed using the drop down menu below:

Application Materials – 2017-2018:

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