Applying for Financial Aid/ Print Financial Aid Application Forms

Financial aid application packets are released annually after January 1st.  These packets include all the required application forms and a copy of the Financial Aid Manual which outlines instructions necessary to apply for financial aid for the following academic year.  Financial aid application packets are placed in continuing student mailboxes (or are mailed to PG students’ local addresses).  Incoming students who have placed a deposit with the Admissions Office will be sent a Financial Aid application packet to their mailing address on file with the Admissions Office.

The deadline to apply for financial aid at TUSDM is May 1st each year for those students enrolled in the DMD or DIS program. In order to be considered for the most favorable types of student financial assistance, all required application materials must be received by the Financial Aid Office no later than May 1st each year. Students are urged to begin the application process as soon as possible after January 1st each year when they receive their financial aid application packet. Note that some required application forms/materials can take a number of weeks to process by external agencies and can take considerable time for the Financial Aid Office to receive results from these agencies. Therefore, we strongly urge all financial aid applicants to begin the application process by March 15th at the latest. If actual tax return information is not yet available by that date, it’s suggested that the student use estimated figures.

Late financial aid applications will still be considered for Federal Direct Loans, Grad PLUS loans, and private education loans, however the student may lose the opportunity to receive the most favorable types of financial aid if their application is completed after May 1st. The Financial Aid Office will begin reviewing completed financial aid application for US Citizens/Permanent Residents soon after May 1st.

The Financial Aid Office will release a Financial Aid Award Packet to the student which will include their Award Notification Letter which will provide the results of the needs analysis and a list of the recommended financial aid programs and amounts for which the student qualified to receive. Also included in the award packet is the Student Loan Handbook which will outline, in great detail, the next step of the financial aid application process, completing student loan applications.

To learn more about this process, go to Applying for Student Loans/Student Loan Entrance Counseling.

Financial Aid Requirements and Forms: