DMD Program – Admissions

History of Tufts Dental School

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine was established in 1868 as Boston Dental College. It was incorporated into Tufts College in 1899. Although founded as a school to educate students from New England, today Tufts is renowned throughout the United States and the world as a center for academic and clinical excellence. Tufts boasts over seven thousand alumni composed of individuals from all fifty states and thirty-nine countries. Students receive a comprehensive education that emphasizes the importance of didactic coursework, pre-clinical training, clinical experience, and practice management that prepares them to enter the work force as confident, proficient clinicians.

Application Procedures and Criteria

Candidates for the program beginning in July 2018 should submit their applications to the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) between June 1st, 2017 and January 1st, 2018. Interview sessions will be conducted between October 2017 and March 2018. Applicants selected for interview will be notified in writing beginning in late September 2017. Applicants selected for interview will be notified in writing beginning in September 2016. Please submit the following information to AADSAS:

  • A complete AADSAS application form, including a personal statement articulating motivation for a career in dentistry. Please visit  for application information;
  • Official transcripts from all universities attended (including study abroad programs and any universities attended other than the one awarding the diploma); submit updated transcripts to AADSAS at conclusion of fall 2016 term;
  • Two letters of evaluation from professors and a third letter of evaluation (suggestions include a letter from a dental experience, community service or research or a pre-professional composite committee letter);
  • Applicants must either be a US citizen or Permanent Resident or an international student that has or will complete a bachelor’s degree from a four year accredited college/university in the United States.
  • Although Tufts welcomes any additional letters of evaluation from professors or employers, they should be sent through AADSAS. Please note AADSAS limits the number of letters of evaluation to four.

Although Tufts welcomes any additional letters of evaluation from professors or employers, they will not be sufficient to complete an application.  Please note AADSAS limits the number of letters of evaluation to four.

Dental Admissions Test (DAT) scores will be downloaded from the ADA directly to the AADSAS application. Please note – DAT scores obtained before June 1, 2014 are no longer valid. If you completed the DAT prior to June 1, 2014 you must retake the examination and submit updated scores. Please visit for information on the DAT.

Applicants will be informed of supplemental requirements, including a $75 fee, once the Admissions Office receives their application from AADSAS.

Additional documents or updates should NOT be sent to the Admissions Office.

All necessary information should be included in the AADSAS application. The AADSAS applications are paperless and therefore we are not able to add extra materials to the applications for review.  Sending additional documents will delay the processing and review of your application.  You will be notified should we require additional information. The Office of Admissions at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine reserves the right to request additional information at any time to complete an assessment of a candidate’s abilities and capabilities.

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Application Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • 2 semesters (8 credits or 3 quarters) Biology
  • 1 semester ( 3 credits or 1 quarter) Upper level Biology
  • 2 semesters (8 credits or 3 quarters) Inorganic Chemistry
  • 2 semesters (8 credits or 3 quarters) Physics
  • 1 semester (4 credits or 2 quarters) Organic Chemistry
  • 1 semester (3 credits or 1 quarter) Biochemistry
  • 1 semester writing-intensive Humanities or Social Science course (may include History, English, Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Government or Women’s Studies)

Please note: Labs are required for all science courses, except Biochemistry or the upper level Biology, where applicable (lab only required for Biochemistry  or the upper level Biology if it is a required part of the course at the university at which it is completed). All pre-requisite coursework must be completed at an accredited 4 year college/university that offers a bachelor’s degree in the prerequisite subject area. Community college coursework is not accepted for the prerequisite coursework.

All pre-requisites must be taken for a letter grade. No Pass/Fail credits will be accepted, unless it is the policy of the college/university to only offer such evaluation. In these instances, candidates may be asked to provide proof of this policy from the appropriate office at the home institution. Applicants are encouraged to earn a grade of “B” or higher in all pre-requisite courses to be most competitive.

Additionally, the Admissions Committee will not recognize pre-requisites completed by earning Advanced Placement credits. Applicants who have received college credit and/or placed out of pre-requisite courses because of AP credits must either retake those courses at a four year institution or take an equal number of credits in upper level coursework in the same discipline at a four year institution.

Dental  Shadowing Requirement:

We require 75 hours of exposure to the dental profession through shadowing experiences.   At least 40 hours of shadowing must be completed with a general dentist.

Applicants are encouraged to become involved within the field of dentistry as much as possible. In addition to shadowing, applicants can participate in dental research and/or community service.

DAT Requirement:

Test must be completed after June 1, 2014; applicants are strongly encouraged, though, to complete it before January 1, 2017;

Competitive Scores:

    • 19-20 Academic Average
    • 19-20  Reading Comprehension
    • 19-20 Total Science

The Canadian DAT is also accepted.  The most competitive applicants will typically score 19s or 20s on the four important score sections.

*Please note that the Admissions Committee will only consider scores from the first three DAT attempts. Additionally, all three competitive scores must be achieved on the exact same DAT examination.

Required Letters of Evaluation:

    • 2 Letters of evaluation from professors  and a third letter from another evaluator, such as a dentist, community service supervisor or research mentor.
    • *Or a pre-professional composite committee letter

Please note:

All students accepted to Tufts University School of Dental Medicine will be required to submit a completed Dean’s Certification of Disciplinary History form and have a criminal background check completed.  All offers of admission are contingent upon the Admissions Committee’s favorable review of these items.

Additional Recommendations:

Completion of coursework in upper-level Biology classes such as Anatomy, Genetics, Physiology, Microbiology, Immunology, Pharmacology and Histology.

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Quick Facts

  • Number of applications in 2015-2016: 3,716
  • Number of first time enrolling students in D.M.D. Class of 2020: 203
  • Class of 2020: GPA: 3.37; Science GPA: 3.26
  • Class of 2020: DAT: Academic Average – 19
  • PAT – 19
  • Reading Comprehension – 20
  • Total Science – 19
  • Class of 2020: 58% Female, 13% Black/African-American, 14% Hispanic, 38% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • Class of 2019 Average Age: 25
  • Class of 2019 composed of students from 28 states and 1 country.
  • Tuition 2015-2016: $68,320

Useful Information:

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Financial Aid Programs

The Financial Aid program at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine will be discussed during the interview session. Financial Aid application packets will be mailed to accepted applicants that place deposits at Tufts.

To learn more about financial aid at Tufts University, please visit the Financial Aid page.

Veteran’s interested in attending Tufts University can find more information here.

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Immunization Requirements

The School of Dental Medicine requires all students to complete the required immunizations before matriculation.

Please visit Immunizations Requirements for a complete list of requirements from the Student Advisory and Health Administration Office.

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