Tufts Dental Facilities

Providing care at TDF Glavin (Alonso Nichols for Tufts)
Two kinds of caregivers at TDF Hogan (Kelvin Ma for Tufts)
A happy patient at TDF Groton (Alonso Nichols for Tufts)
A family visitsTDF West Springfield (Alonso Nichols for Tufts)
Patient, doctor and hygienist prepare for treatment at TDF West Springfield (Alonso Nichols for TUFTS)

Since 1976, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and the Massachusetts Departments of Developmental Services and Public Health have partnered to run Tufts Dental Facilities (TDF) – a nationally-recognized program that meets the oral health needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. With eight locations across Massachusetts, TDF provides care to nearly 6,500 patients. Learn more.