Department of Prosthodontics

Welcome to the Department of Prosthodontics! Our department integrates Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prosthodontics as well as the related programs in Advanced Education in Esthetic and Operative Dentistry, and Advanced Dental Technology and Research. Our primary responsibility lies in the education and training of predoctoral and postdoctoral students in the restorative aspects of bringing a damaged dentition back to biologic health, function, esthetics and comfort. This is accomplished by teaching and practicing the clinical techniques of modern restorative dentistry and prosthodontics including implant dentistry on the basis of current evidence in the related sciences.

Our curriculum is structured to deliver information through lectures, seminars, and clinical oversight of patient care. The treatment concepts taught in simulated patient care and our clinics include composite restorations for anterior and posterior restorations, traditional amalgam and gold restorations, computer-assisted design and machining of various ceramic restorations, conventional and implant-retained crowns and fixed partial dentures, as well as conventional and implant-retained complete and partial removable dentures.

We encourage interdepartmental, collaborative research with special emphasis on in vitro and in vivo biomaterials research, cross sectional and longitudinal research on occlusion and function, implant design and loading, and multivariate longitudinal patient care outcomes using bioinformatics. We continually review new materials and associated techniques to assure appropriately researched new technologies are incorporated into our curriculum, while at the same time using evidence-based information as the core for our teaching material.